The Employee Outreach Committee has organized an Enterprise-wide game of Bingo for Friday, April 22. The game will take place throughout the day over e-mail with the winners receiving various gift certificates and other surprise gifts as well.

The Enterprise Employee participating range from all over the Nation, from the Corporate office in Denver, CO, the Kleen-Tech North Carolina office, Options Northeastern, Eastern and Southern New Mexico District Offices, and the Tsay-Tech offices in Washington. The participants received their Bingo cards in the mail and on the day of the game will be receiving e-mails with the number drawings throughout the day.

There will be five types of wins that will earn prizes during the event.

  • Bingo:  a row of 5 highlighted squares
    • First three people who get a Bingo win a prize
  • Four Corners:  every corner box—total of 4 boxes—is circled
    • First person who gets the Four Corners wins a prize
  • X:  simply that, 2 diagonal highlighted rows
    • First person who gets the X wins a prize
  • Borders:  surrounding highlighted numbers that border your card
    • First person who gets the Borders wins a prize
  • BLACKOUT:  every box on your card is circled
    • First person who gets the BLACKOUT wins a prize

We would like to wish the best of luck to all of our participants. Hope you have a ball!


Options QUEST Retreat

The Options QUEST (Quality, Utilization, Excellence, Support, Team), a team composed of Options Deputy Directors, District Managers, Operations Specialists and Operations Managers, will be gathering together at the Denver Corporate Office on April 14 and 15 in order to meet one another face to face, review this year’s strategic initiatives, and receive updated training to allow them to more effectively and efficiently serve the Enterprise.

When asked about plans for the retreat, HB Management Vice President Jorge Saldana said, “We plan on reviewing our 2011 strategic goal, examining the latest state home care and Medicaid regulations, and discussing how they will affect the way the Enterprise operates.”

“I am very excited to finally meet face to face with my District Managers,” said Operations Specialist Monica Ly, “I work with them over the phone every day so it will be wonderful to finally meet them.”

In addition to training, the QUEST team will also participate in a number of activities aimed at cultivating team chemistry and harmony. In addition to the company sponsored events, team members have also organized a trip to Casa Bonita restaurant in order to get to know their colleagues outside of the standard work environment.

“We are going to be making sure that the Operations Specialists and the District Managers work on building trust and teamwork,” Saldana said, “We think they will have a great time and enjoy finally meeting each other.”

Saldana concluded, “During the retreat we will also work on setting up a time for the Operations Specialists to travel out to the field to better understand the situation on the ground.”

Five Questions with Kleen-Tech’s Jeffery Hetzler

Jeffery Hetzler is Kleen-Tech’s new Colorado Operations Manager. A native of Los Angeles California, Jeffery previously worked for two years at another janitorial services company before joining the Kleen-Tech team in January. Raise the Flag sat down with Jeffery to get to know him better in this installment of Five Questions.

Raise The Flag: Could you describe what your responsibilities include in this job?

Jeffery Hetzler: It’s a combination of staying in contact with all the customers, developing customers, and maintaining contract service to the best of our ability. I am also charged with making sure that all of our employees have what they need and that those needs are taken care of. Lastly, I am here to make this business some money.

RTF: How has the transition been for you?

JH: It’s been really good. The help from all different departments has been fantastic. I have zero complaints and everyone has been extremely helpful.

RTF: What is the biggest difference between this job and your previous one?

JH: The team support out here is far better. I previously worked for another janitorial company, and it was sort of a satellite office. There I did HR tasks like hiring/firing, E-Verifications, and so on. It’s much nicer to have different departments that can help you out.

RTF: Which aspect of this job makes you most excited to come to work each day?

JH: I would have to say the opportunity for growth. To grow this department, to grow the revenue, and also to move up in the company, I see that as a possibility as well.

RTF: It is my understanding that you are a little bit of a Broncos fan, what is your take on the Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton controversy?

JH: Well, I believe that Kyle Orton a great quarterback, but possibly not the one to get you to the Super Bowl, but he can definitely get you to the playoffs, and I’d love to see what Tebow does in the next few years, but right now he is definitely raw and not ready as all around player. He needs to just take some time to develop and grow a little bit more.

Options: Donation Drive for CNM

During the month of December, we began collecting items and cash/financial donations for one of our Options Caregivers from our Central New Mexico District. Our Caregiver’s house burnt down in early November and unfortunately, the family did not have renter’s insurance and her and her family lost everything.

Donation Box

We put out a collection box in the front desk lobby of the Denver Corporate Office to collect items for our Caregiver and her family. We indicated that anything would be a grateful gift. They were in need of everything from A-Z, such as clothes, small household appliances, linens, blankets, towels, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, furniture, and anything else you can find in a home.

Financial Donations

Those who opted to make a voluntary monetary donation did so by giving cash donations, checks or gift cards.

Donations Received

As a follow-up to our Donation Drive for this Caregiver, here at the Denver Corporate Office, we were able to collect 6 large bags of clothing, towels, dinnerware, and other household items for our Caregiver and her family. Additionally, we gave a $175 Visa Gift Card, a $25 Target Gift card and a $50 Walmart gift card for them to use for any additional needs.

The CNM location received the $250 worth of gift cards and contacted our Caregiver to meet with her and the family to present them to her.

Additionally, Jorge, our Vice President of HB Management, drove out to NM with his vehicle loaded down with the donation bags and delivered the donations to the CNM district, which were present to our Caregiver as well.

“This was a great opportunity to reach out to one of our own employees in need, especially during the holiday season, and the overwhelming support from our Enterprise team members is a true testimony to one of our Guiding Principles that states ‘it’s all about the people,” stated Michele, Human Resources Director.
Should you be interested in donating items to this family, please contact our CNM District at 1-866-247-6784.

Kleen-Tech’s Good Samaritans

This January, we had two employees exude the behavior we only hope to experience not only across our Enterprise but in our daily lives. Carlos from our Boulder location and Tom from our Fort Collins location were our two good samaritans, one who returned a lost wallet and the other who saved a man’s life.

The Missing Wallet

Carlos was working his shift when he came across a wallet. Following the standards of our company, he did not touch or move the wallet, instead he found a security officer and informed him of the wallet.

The security officer then found the owner of the wallet. Carlos witnessed the owner’s excitement, who thank Carlos personally and stated that Carlos is the kind of person he wants working in their building and informed the building of Carlos’s integrity.

When asked, why Carlos returned the wallet, he said, “my father always taught honesty and to respect people and to always keep my honesty. Carlos was rewarded by the owner of that wallet for his honesty.

The Life Saved

At our Ft. Collins location, our Kleen-Tech employee Tom noticed a gentleman at the entrance of the building, “lying on the ground propped up on a barrier.”

He described the ill-looking man as very thin, like he was starving and his teeth were chattering. “He looked unhealthy due to the cold and had clearly become very, very sick,” Tom said.

Tom tried asking the man questions; however the man was incoherent, shivering in the cold.  Knowing something wasn’t right, Tom immediately pulled the man into the secure lobby for warmth and called 911. Tom rubbed the man’s arms to keep him warm until the ambulance arrived.

After the event, Tom discussed it with coworkers and his supervisors. “To be good workers, we have to be good people and do the right thing, that is step number one.” He continued, we need to “bend the rules to save a life.”

Tom and Carlos went the extra mile. It is because of Tom’s awareness that a man’s life was saved and because of Carlos that a man retrieved his personal belongings.

Our employees make up who we are and how others view our Enterprise. We want to thank Carlos and Tom for their good deeds and hope that others learn to lend a helping hand.

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm” ~Unknown.

JOB OPENING–HB Management is hiring for a Business Analyst for our Denver offices.

HB Management is looking for an experienced and self motivated Business Analyst to plan, organize, analyze and control a new product line from conceptual stages through product life cycles, and to optimize profit and meet marketing, financial and corporate growth objectives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participates in overall product strategy, research and development requirements, development and manufacturing coordination for new and emerging products(s).
  • Develops product plan with input from ELT on the development and rollout of the product line.
  • Coordinates technical product development, estimates of potetntial profits and release to production.
  • Manages day to day progress of product(s).
  • Provides technical expertise and training to other de4partment in support of product development. Conducts marketing analysis to study product feasibility and develop product definitions.
  • Collaborates with a wide variety of areas such as Marketing and Business Development, Operations and Finance to develop and provide product definitions responsive to customer ends and market opportunities. • Develops and maintains a prioritized list of customer and market requirements for product(s).
  • Coordinates and develops marketing , sales, manufacturing, engineering and financial plans for the product line(s).
  • Provides financial and technical justification for product selection, feasibility and definition.
  • Prepares product development objectives and schedules for all phases of product development and introduction to market.
  • Conducts market research and identifies and tracks market trends in company’s industry.
  • Produces competitive analysis material, comparing product with its key competitors.
  • Participates in key sales opportunities for the product(s).

To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. These requirements listed below are representative to the knowledge, skill education and ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Must possess proactive verbal and written communication skills, including good, active listening skills.
  • Must have marketing analysis, business analysis, and or product development experience
  • Project scheduling tool proficiency
  • Must be capable of executing details with consistency yet understand the big picture as well.

Education and or Experience:

  • Bachelors Degree in a related field.
  • 1+ years of market analysis, business analysis or product development experience.
  • 1+ years of project management experience a plus.
  • PMP certification a plus.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to Attn: Business Analyst. You can also fax your information to (303) 428-2083 Attn: HR – Business Analyst.

Kleen-Tech’s New Internet Home

We are very pleased to announce Kleen-Tech’s brand NEW interactive website at! Click here to check it out!

Give us your opinion!  Tell us what you think of it in the comments section below!